Working as an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technician is a wonderful career, and Jeremy Bednarsh feels incredibly lucky that he gets to wake up every morning and do something he truly enjoys. One of the best aspects about working in the HVAC industry is that HVAC professionals can engage in their trade in many different ways. Jeremy Bednarsh got his start working in the HVAC business many years ago, but recently began to diversify his repertoire and expand his work by including commercial walk-in refrigeration units. Jeremy Bednarsh recently spoke with members of the press about the expansion of his areas of expertise:

I have always been a tactile person who enjoys troubleshooting and learning on the fly. For this reason, I have always been a proponent of taking classes to further my professional education. When I had the opportunity to take a few courses in commercial walk-in refrigeration units, I took it because I truly believe there is always room to get better at your craft and be more informed no matter how skilled you are.

Jeremy Bednarsh enjoyed the classes he took so much that he decided to expand his practice to include commercial walk-in refrigeration. Every walk-in refrigerator is a unique machine, and Jeremy Bednarsh greatly enjoys walking into a new commercial unit and figuring out what is wrong with it or how it runs.

Commercial walk-in refrigeration units have much significance in today’s world. Most restaurants and hotels have walk-in refrigeration units, however most are unaware that other industries use walk-in refrigeration units for a number of  other reasons as well. “The most fascinating thing to me is that places like hospitals and daycare centers use walk-in refrigeration units. Many factories and processing plants need a walk-in refrigeration units for the products that they are producing,” says Jeremy.

Jeremy Bednarsh is not currently taking on new clients, but hopes to have his own business up and running come summer 2014.

Here is one of Jeremy’s videos of an air-conditioning leak that he fixed:

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